Everie™ Invisible Push Up

Everie™ Invisible Push Up - Everie Woman

Everie™ Invisible Push Up

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Two pairs of boob bands per pack

Sweatproof, motion proof & waterproof

Latex-free, hypoallergenic & long-lasting

All-in-one design for a hassle-free lift

The sturdy cotton material molds to shape, creating a raised & rounded cleavage.

Our skin-friendly, heat-activated adhesive works with your body's heat, so the hotter & sweatier you get, the stickier the chest tape will be.

The cotton strands mimic skin pores allowing sweat to evaporate through the tightly woven fibers, preventing the lifts from coming loose!

Wear it under any outfit! Best for wedding dresses, deep-plunge tops, swimsuits, and more

Easy & Effective to wear bust enhancement

Material: polyester, silicone

Size: S: 13x19cm; M: 14.5 X23cm; L: 16x 24.5 cm

Color: Black, Beige

Set Include:

1 pair of bust lifters
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