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Choosing the Best Fitness Underwear

When you consider what to wear for your workouts, you'll likely grab the nearest underwear on your way out or choose to go wearing the underwear you already have on.

However, when you're headed to the gym, you might not be selecting the best fitness underwear for your body.

If you have very sensitive skin, or participate in high-energy activities during a workout, such as biking or running, choosing the right type of underwear is essential for your body. Activities like indoor cycling classes can leave you feeling very sweaty, and if this moisture is not handled correctly, it can turn into a more severe condition.

Choose Everie Underwear As Your Workout Underwear Choice

If you need underwear while you're working out, you need to choose Everie underwear. Everie underwear is made from 92% cotton and 8% spandex. This underwear features smooth and stretchy material that is moisture-wicking to absorb your workout sweat. Everie underwear helps you absorb moisture and get rid of heat which will help you avoid vaginal infections frequently caused by heat and sweat buildup during workout activities.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose Everie underwear as your workout underwear.

1. Breathable

Everie underwear is a great product that provides you with the ultimate experience of comfort. If you're not comfortable while working out, you'll be unable to focus on enjoying your workout and instead will find yourself adjusting or unable to complete the activity. With Everie underwear, you can feel comfortable with the odor and moisture suppressing qualities featured in each pair that keep you fresh and protected throughout your workout.

2. Durability

Another great benefit you can enjoy while working out is the durability you'll receive with Everie underwear. Everie underwear is a combination of cotton and spandex. This makes the underwear super durable for whatever workout activity you are doing. With over two years of continuous designing and testing, the high-quality material inside each pair of Everie underwear is durable and leak-proof.

3. Comfort and Versatility

Vigorous gym activities, such as stretching and cycling, should not be restricted by unwanted moisture and sweat buildup in your underwear. When you choose Everie underwear, you're choosing premium comfort and versatility. Plus, choosing our cotton underwear is an excellent choice for your vaginal health, and it fits with any body size.

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